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Welcome to

This site is basically a chronicle of my life and how motorcycles are a big part of it.

Pretty much everything in my life makes it to these pages. Everything from new bikes I buy, to things I do to modify them, to new tattoos, to new business ventures, to my new baby boy Diesel. Ya know, EVERYTHING.

I've decided to clean house a little bit.
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This is an old picture of three of the team members.

My brother Pete (Mudshark because he really does take the place of the Mudshark in Greek Mythology) Jason (Track Nap, the troll in the middle) and me who must not drink enough milk 'cuz I'm always breaking stuff. Jason's been done racing for a few years but may get back into it someday, Pete goes a few times a year, and I go as often as I can which lately isn't a lot.

Click to enlarge. If you dare!

Mudshark, Track Nap, and Catfish!


Not sure which logo I want to use yet.


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Here's a page for my new baby boy, Diesel James.