The Tigcraft is officially for sale.

If interested please shoot me an E-mail.

CatfishRacing "at" CatfishRacing "dot" com


Well, here we are.

Catfish and my'93 TiGcraft!

Catfish TiG '03 Cropped and sized.jpg (249699 bytes)Catfish TiG '04 Cropped and sized.jpg (321695 bytes)

This is what she used to look like but I just got the her repainted.

I was getting some really good shots from the track and couldn't stand the teal and white with gold pinstripes anymore.

Let me know what y'all think.

Front Flames 1.jpg (279139 bytes)Front Flames 2.jpg (284405 bytes)

With front plate in the sun,

and without in the rain. 

Right Flames 2.jpg (327198 bytes)

Left Flames 1.jpg (422021 bytes)

Click all pics to enlarge.

244 lbs. with all fluids but only a little bit of gas in the tank.



TiG Front 1.jpg (449048 bytes)TiG Rear 1.jpg (326523 bytes)

TiG Left 1.jpg (546283 bytes)TiG Right 1.jpg (560003 bytes)

TiG Left Rear 1.jpg (602377 bytes)TiG Rear Wheel 1.jpg (737096 bytes)

TiG Tach 1.jpg (352280 bytes)TiG Dash 1.jpg (658153 bytes)

TiG Right 2.jpg (570891 bytes)TiG Oil Cooler 1.jpg (536157 bytes)

TiG Right Rearset 1.jpg (765500 bytes)TiG Front Wheel 1.jpg (493912 bytes)


Well, Pizza and I got it running tonight. 


This thing is gonna be a handful!!!

Here are a few pics with the tank and lower off. I'll write more as I know it.

TiGcraft Carbs 1.jpg (696146 bytes)TiGcraft Carbs 2.jpg (614086 bytes)

TiGcraft Carbs 3.jpg (585049 bytes)

Sorry, I just like the carbs.

Filters! Filters! We don't need no stinkin' filters!

Catfish Racing doesn't filter air, we pollute it.

TiGcraft No Tank 1.jpg (755401 bytes)

Not a whole lotta room to work in there.

TiGcraft Front Wheel Left 1.jpg (619596 bytes)TiGcraft Front Wheel Right 1.jpg (743433 bytes)

TiGcraft Left Rearset 1.jpg (722316 bytes)

TiGcraft No Tank 2.jpg (808730 bytes)TiGcraft No Tank Close.jpg (593934 bytes)

This is one lean, mean roadracing machine!!!

This bike means business!

If I can learn how to ride it, the Super Singles class is in some SERIOUS trouble!!!


OK it's Tuesday3/19 and I just brought the TiG down to Fun Wheels Honda. They're gonna check out some spring rates for me. I gotta get down there with my gear and the tank so we can check sag. That bike is sprung WAY too soft for me. And the guy who had it before me had me by 75 lbs. I really don't know how he rode it. I'll give an update as I know where we are with it.


OK Here we go. This is what it looked like about half way through getting down to business. 

TiG Apart.JPG (1883687 bytes)

I got the wheels off and down to Fun Wheels to get my Tombstone slicks mounted. The forks and shock are there getting massaged also. I ordered up some Michelin full rains for my Astro Lite spare rims. As always, I'll keep ya posted. OUT!


Well. I took this bike to a track day at Pocono International Raceway with Pizza and friend Dave Cross. Look here for pics and details.


It's Tuesday 5/21, I have to change the counter balance chain so I'm in the middle of ripping that down. Here are some pics.

Balancer Chain.JPG (319708 bytes)Cam Chain Close.JPG (302472 bytes)

The first shot is of the left side of the motor with the flywheel removed.

The second shot it a close up of the balancer chain behind the cam chain.

That's where I came to a halt. I have to figure out how to get behind the cam chain to get to the balance chain. If you can help, shoot an E-Mail to Catfish "at" CatfishRacing.com.

Another thing I noticed while I was getting ready to pull the left side motor cover.

Gunk 2.jpg (199035 bytes)

See the gunk along the seam? I hope that's just some type of gasket bond that squished out the last time the cover was being torqued down. Well see.


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